NCI Certified System Performance Program

Written by HVAC Professionals, for HVAC Professionals

National Comfort Institute (NCI) launched a new program that allows High-Performance HVAC contractors to test residential system performance and then third-party certify those results. This allows contractors to prove that they are delivering high performing systems to their customers.

NCI Certified System Performance is a complete package including software-based performance testing and physical certification materials.

NCI's Certified System Performance program includes all this material

To get started, you’ll need at least one individual in your company certified by NCI in Residential System Performance. It also requires a subscription to NCI’s ComfortMaxx Verify™ software.

Contractors can then purchase NCI Certified System Performance packets through ComfortMaxx™ in increments of five. Each packet is good for one System Certification in either heating or cooling mode and is shipped to the contractor. They will also receive a customer-facing sales trifold, a customer brochure, and system certification labels.

To certify a system, the contractor performs a ComfortMaxx Verify test, typically after a new installation or renovation work is complete. ComfortMaxx performs automated quality assurance on test inputs and checks four key performance indicators: fan airflow, total external static pressure, equipment performance score, and system performance score.

If the System Performance meets the required thresholds for Silver or Gold level certification, the option to certify system performance is presented.

The contractor then enters the unique serial number for their certification packet to generate a digital certificate that the customer can access and print at

Lastly, the contractor applies certification labels to the equipment and the process is complete. The customer now has peace of mind that their new or renovated system is performing in line with their expectations and has the certification to prove that, adding value to their home.

Contractors can learn more at

— By Ben Lipscomb, P.E.