Building Integration Platform

Automated Logic Corp.’s OptiFlex’ virtual integrator is a software-based integration platform for data monitoring across diverse building systems. OptiFlex’ provides scalable integration solutions ideal for large integration projects such as data centers, hospitals, and college campuses.

It monitors large volumes of data across various building systems, sub-systems, and devices ‘ regardless of the manufacturer. The data provides actionable insights to help operators improve overall building performance.

The virtual integrator supports up to 50,000 data points from a single computing point. This eliminates the need for multiple hardware gateways, which often require costly materials and labor.

It supports BACnet IP and Modbus TCP/IP, the two most common IP-based protocols, as well as a new pluggable protocol technology that allows more protocol additions.

The OptiFlex also includes new commissioning tools for technicians. A web-accessible, table-based user interface makes it fast and easy to connect, configure, and commission third party devices, as well as sort, categorize, and scale data points. You can enable and configure alarms and trends for diagnostics and troubleshooting.

Customers can add additional points as needed through a scalable licensing mechanism.

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Magnetic Bearing Centrifugal Chiller

The YORK? YZ Magnetic Bearing Centrifugal Chiller, from Johnson Controls, Inc., is a fully-optimized chiller built for use with next-generation low-global warming potential (GWP) refrigerant to increase energy efficiency.

It provides centrifugal-chiller energy efficiencies as low as 0.1 kW/ton, and less in off-design conditions where typical fixed-speed chillers experience performance issues.

The YORK? YZ has the potential to reduce annual electricity consumption by an average of 35 percent.

It is optimized around R-1233zd ‘ a next generation, low-pressure refrigerant ‘ and is a unique combination of advanced technologies, including a variable-speed magnetic bearing compressor, high-speed hermetic induction motor, falling film evaporator, adaptive capacity control logic, and cloud-based analytics.

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Electronically Commutated Motor

Genteq? Ensite’ motor is electronically commutated motor specifically for furnace application. It enables customers to comply with the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Fan Energy Rating (FER) regulatory requirements taking effect in July of 2019.

The Genteq? Ensite’ motor is a cost-efficient solution to achieving compliance without compromising on premium features such as advanced Blak Box’ and Near Field Communication (NFC) capabilities that support Internet of Things (IoT) and preventive maintenance.

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Indoor Air Quality Smart Tool

Known for tools built by technicians for use by technicians, CPS Products? IAQ SmartAir’ is a smart tool for identifying, diagnosing, and solving IAQ issues.

This tool is designed to diagnose more accurate true read indoor air quality issues, improve sales, and enhance overall IAQ professional expertise. Its design walks professionals through the measuring process and provides a compiled list of IAQ issues and potential solutions based on collected and analyzed data.

The IAQ SmartAir’ connects to the internet via WiFi for remote monitoring and evaluation, and allows professionals to create on-site customer reports and job quotations.

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Wireless Hydronic Balancing Kit

The Dwyer Wireless Hydronic Balancing Kit, Series 490W, is a manometer that provides accurate and easy operation for HVAC professionals.

The kit measures the pressure drop across HVAC balancing valves using wireless sensors, a versatile handheld device, and Bluetooth’ communication.

Being wireless means there are no hoses to carry, snag on equipment, or needing to be drained. The 490W includes the Dwyer Hydronic Application Software that contains valve charts for numerous manufacturers.

Users can select valves for measurement from a predetermined list or through manual input of CV values.

The handheld device monitors the flow of up to three valves at a time, allowing a single operator to monitor and balance a hydronic system in less time compared to traditional methods.

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Commercial Energy Recovery Ventilator

The Energy Wall Universal ERV (U-ERV) is an energy recovery ventilator that is three times smaller and lighter than current technologies available on the market. It weighs only 90 pounds, allowing for easy installation of the fully-functional, independent system.

A small footprint allows the modules enables contractors to hand-carry and assemble them onsite, where they operate with a single-duct connection and point-of-power and control. This provides extreme redundancy for mission-critical facilities.

This ERV is highly configurable and can use optional DX or chilled water coils supporting limitless applications. It is also compliant with UL 900 fire/smoke standards and operates in all six orientations.

Powered by the Energy Filter’ integrated core, the U-ERV achieves 74% sensible, 64% latent, and 70% total energy transfer according to AHRI 1060 standard. The Energy Wall U-ERV systems range from 600 to 6,000 CFM and are equipped with modulating ECM+ fans and economizer bypass and control.

Energy Wall’s high efficiency heat and moisture transfer membrane is at the heart of its ERV system. Its built using ceramic fiber-based material that withstands harsh conditions over time without degradation.

The membrane composition has inherent anti-microbial characteristics making it highly effective at deactivating airborne contaminants. The counter-flow heat exchanger design contributes to overall system efficiency.

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Cloud-Based Mobile Product Knowledge Base

Taco Tags featuring eLink’ is a cloud-based support program that provides users with a web-based, factory-maintained knowledge base on their mobile device via NFC technology.

The Taco Tag is an IC chip and antenna wrapped in silicone that offers durability under the most extreme conditions of heat and weather.

It works using power from a user’s devices, eliminating the need for wires or external batteries. Each tag provides direct access to customer support, along with all vital information specific to each product. It connects to the eLink cloud-based service system where users can store and access order information, product specifications, instruction sheets, suggested replacement parts, CAD files, technical support, catalogs, local sales representative information, and more.

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Commercial HVAC Load Reduction Module

enVerid Systems announced that its HLR 1000E-M received the AHR Expo Innovation Award in the Green Building category. These HLR modules reduce upfront HVAC equipment costs, improve energy efficiency, and provide better indoor air quality in commercial buildings.

It does this by cleaning a building’s indoor air at a nanoscopic molecular level, enabling the building to use far less outside air ventilation while improving indoor air quality.

The HLR 1000E-M is fully compliant with ASHRAE Standard 62.1 Indoor Air Quality Procedure (IAQP). It removes the following indoor air contaminents: carbon dioxide, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and aldehydes. It also removes contaminents brought in from outside.

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Danfoss Commercial Compressors

Danfoss added new 8.5-ton and 11-ton variable-speed compressors with intermediate discharge valves to its VZH range. The new compressors create efficiency opportunities for chiller/rooftop units and data center air conditioners.

They feature intermediate discharge valves (IDVs), which prevent over-compression losses that compromise efficiency in under part-load conditions. This results in significant improvement in integrated efficiency scores. Efficiency is further improved with state-of-the-art permanent magnet motors that help reduce power consumption under all operating conditions.

Currently, VZH compressors will operate with R-410A refrigerants.

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