Delivering optimal performance for HVAC systems involves more than just routine maintenance tasks like filter replacement and unit cleaning. My understanding of the significance of system testing and measurement began during my Air Force tenure, where I worked on industrial air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

Upon transitioning from the military, I pursued my career in the HVAC industry, continually expanding my knowledge through testing and learning. In March 2016, I established my own company, Accurate Heating and Air Conditioning, in Lompoc, CA. From the outset, we incorporated system performance diagnostics into our service agreements.

In October 2016, I became a member of the National Comfort Institute (NCI) to further my understanding of combustion, carbon monoxide, and system performance. My education in performance testing of duct systems originated from my industrial experience. Measuring static pressure is essential; without it, system adjustment would be impossible.

My engagement with high-performance diagnostics, albeit not at the NCI level, spans over two and a half decades. This involves measuring static pressure, verifying proper duct system sizing, and ensuring the system operates within optimal cooling design parameters. Any static pressures exceeding the manufacturer’s recommendations immediately raise a red flag for us.

Local competitors often shy away from working on duct systems, viewing it as too challenging. They prefer easy sales, installing a furnace to the old tin ductwork with asbestos wrap, rather than crawling around in an attic and running flex.

High-performance diagnostics form an integral part of our standard service agreement checklist. Our technicians are required to check the static pressure, perform the sealed combustion test, record the parts per million readings, and note the oxygen levels. All these checks are incorporated into our Service Titan system, allowing us to monitor these tests.

Furthermore, our technicians capture screenshots of their analyzer showing measured results and include them with their checklist entries.

Diagnostic testing is a non-negotiable part of our maintenance and service agreements. It’s ingrained in our culture. If a technician is uncomfortable with this, they might find other companies more suitable.

I am uncompromising when it comes to our operations and processes. This approach drives my business and generates leads. We enhance home safety and comfort using high-performance diagnostics. It’s as simple as that. Consequently, we frequently replace ducts.