I measured the following pressures:

  • .74-in. w.c. return pressure
  • .66 supply pressure.

The supply and return ducts are undersized based on the amount of CFM needed for the system to run efficiently. So, we removed one of the ducts from one of the main supply trunks and brought it back to the supply plenum.

We also brought back a return to the return drop to bring more air into the furnace. We increased the return airdrop and installed the filter in the horizontal position.

After completing all the ductwork renovations and balancing the system, we retested it and found we had reduced the system to .70 TESP. This was exactly to the manufacturer’s specs! We hadn’t even finished the job on day one and the customer stated the next day that he already noticed a huge difference in comfort.

ComfortMaxx is also a part of Dawn Mroczek's Sales Playbook


Professional, Punctuality, Quality, and Responsiveness are just some of the words that Mr. Blanchard used to describe his experience with our company. After we completed the Blanchard job, we received the following raving review:

‘I really enjoyed working with this company. From beginning to end, GV’s excelled. We had issues with airflow in our home and the upstairs was significantly warmer than downstairs.

‘They provided a free estimate and discussed the recommended ductwork with me at length. The installation was painless and thorough. They tested airflow at all parts of our home and made adjustments until everyone was satisfied.

‘They made various fixes along the way to optimize our furnace, like adjusting the blower speed to match our home’s needs. Everyone I worked with was knowledgeable and professional.

‘The way they worked with me made me feel like they truly cared about their work and making sure the air was right and that I had a good experience. Fair warning, they are not cheap, but it has been well worth the money.’

Where We Are Headed

GV’s is never satisfied with where we are. We always strive for new ideas to avoid obstacles that may come our way. The COVID-19 pandemic did not stop us much. We worked harder and are currently financially ahead of last year. This also helped us regain our focus on our core values: Humble, Honesty, Integrity, and Hungry.

We strive as a team to bring GV’s to the next level and become ‘The Performance Contractor’ in the Chicagoland area! If it wasn’t for the NCI Performance Coaches and the monthly Trailblazer team, we would not be where we are today.

Dawn Mroczek is the comfort specialist at GV’s Heating & Cooling in Glenview, IL. In 2007 she moved into the sales position. She is certified in Commercial Air Balancing, Duct System Optimization, and was recognized as one of the ‘Wonderful Women in HVAC Sales’ with Sharon Roberts. She is also the 2020 recipient of NCI’s High-Performance Sales Excellence Award that was presented to her at this year’s VIrtual Summit. If you would like to learn more about her Performance Report, reach out to her at ncilink.com/ContactMe.