The performance report helps create a playbook for our installation crew:

  • The playbook provides a thorough outline of the changes we plan to make at a client’s home to improve the system’s comfort and efficiency
  • Makes it easier to hand off the job from sales to the installation crew
  • The playbook is attached to each job in ServiceTitan.


For any sales call scheduled for a furnace/air conditioner replacement, or a client suffering from hot and cold spots, we provide a ComfortMaxx™ Test-in Report (

This is a great way to show a client how their existing system is actually performing from a third-party application. The report provides a great breakdown of where the system has high pressure based on our data:

  1. Supply
  2. Return
  3. Filter Pressure Drop
  4. Coil Pressure Drop.

The report is a great visual aid with a gauge. It backs up the information you provided in the Performance Report.


In the proposal, we include all the recommendations from the Performance Report. We find that since we started this process, most of the time the customer goes with the best option, and no longer does things in stages.

Example: The Blanchard Residence

One of our team’s biggest accomplishments was improving the comfort and efficiency of a newly renovated house. The Blanchard’s just bought the home from a builder. They complained to us that the second floor was significantly hotter than the first floor in the summer.

When Mr. Blanchard walked me throughout the house, I experienced it myself.

Turning the thermostat to cooling mode, I proceeded with my favorite part of any call ‘ collecting the data. I measured static pressure, temperatures, and airflow. I checked out the duct sizes blower speeds. Then I captured the information from the furnace and air conditioner nameplates.

When Mr. Blanchard reached out to schedule the job, he asked me if zoning would work. He mentioned to me that he received another quote and the other company recommended adding zoning.

I explained to Mr. Blanchard that he didn’t have ductwork dedicated to the first and second floor, plus with the measured high TESP, zoning would put a lot more pressure on the system.

The Measurements

The existing furnace and air conditioner installed in this home are about a year old. It is a variable-speed furnace, paired with a single-stage air conditioner.

This particular brand of furnace cannot have a media filter cabinet connected to its side. It has about 8-in. of wasted space in the front where the air cannot be brought into the blower compartment.

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