When clients ask about who is coming to their home to provide a free estimate, they seem to always think its ‘Don.’ When I arrive, they are a bit surprised that I’m a woman and my correct name is Dawn.

Being in a male-driven industry requires quite a bit of hard work and self-confidence. I first started as a Comfort Specialist in 2006, and GV’s Heating and Cooling was just like all the other HVAC companies in our market area; we sold boxes.

Then we decided things needed to change.

We needed to find the true value as to why clients choose GV’s to do the work. So, in 2010 GV’s joined National Comfort Institute (NCI), and we started implementing static pressure and temperature testing on every sales call.

Questioning Everything

In 2018 I attended NCI’s Commercial Air Balancing and Duct Renovation classes. That experience opened my eyes to the fact that we were not closing many duct renovation jobs. So it was time to re-evaluate our sales process.

A Performance playbook is the secret to closing more HVAC duct renovation and air upgrade sales
Dawn Mroczek, Comfort Specialist, GV’s Heating and Cooling

I asked the following questions: How do clients know exactly what measurements we took? And why? How are they supposed to remember all the information we present to them during the house call? We say we are certified in Air Diagnostics and Air Balancing, but we don’t show them any proof!

Furthermore, since they don’t follow us around the house, how will they know what we find? All these questions led me to a new way of presenting all the test data we gather into a ‘Performance Report,’ along with a ComfortMaxx™ (ncilink.com/CMaxx) summary, and proposal.

So, what is a ‘Performance Report?’ After referring back to our NCI class materials, we decided to start creating some forms including the following:

  • Cover page (Air Balance Report Certification)
  • Certification Certificates
  • Notes and Remarks
  • Test and Balance Deficiency Report ‘ with Corresponding Pictures
  • Test In – ComfortMaxx
  • Proposal.
Part of any playbook is the air balance report
This is the ‘Playbook’ cover page which is very much like NCI’s Air Balance Report Certification page.

If you would like to see a sample of our playbook, go to ncilink.com/Playbook.

Cover Page

The cover page really is the ‘Air Balance Report Certification’ page that comes with NCI’s Commercial Air Balance class.
This page includes:

  • Date
  • Project name
  • Which system – 1st Floor / 2nd Floor etc.
  • Technician name
  • HVAC contractor information
  • A summary
  • NCI certified # / Expiration date.

Following the cover page, we include the certificates we earned from NCI.

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