Market research company, The Freedonia Group ( sees air conditioning equipment accounting for the largest share of demand. They add that heating equipment will post tremendous sales growth. They say the largest growth region in the U.S. in 2021 will be in the south.

For residential market-facing Performance-Based Contracting’ firms, this bodes even better in that their focus isn’t only on the equipment, but also on the comfort delivery systems.

Last month, I spoke with several performance-based contractors who had positive outlooks on the coming year. They had big-time takeaway lessons learned during the shutdowns and with changes in how they work with customers (

A Strange New World

If you go strictly by the numbers, 2021 has enough potential for us to be optimistic. When you add in the additional value that Performance-Based Contractors bring to the table, and the renewed focus on improving indoor air quality, the potential can not only make up for any ground lost last year but go well beyond that.

As more Americans get inoculated against COVID-19, and the country begins to settle back into more pre-Pandemic normalcy, the opportunities will continue to grow. Despite what the talking heads in the media drum on about doom and gloom, things are looking up, and High-Performance HVAC contractors should approach the new year with that in mind.

From training to how you run your business, to how you interact with customers, close more sales, and increase profits, I believe 2021 will be an excellent year for the HVACR Industry.

So get ready and be optimistic. The indicators are all pointing up.