Two months of stay-at-home orders have generated demand for specific services that few HVAC companies are prepared to offer. Let’s take a look at unique COVID-19-related residential air balance solutions you can offer to permanently satisfy what many of your customers want.

Currently, quick-fix, plug-and-play IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) solutions bombard our industry. Web searches filled with conflicting claims confuse your customers. Combine this with promises of complete protection from dreaded viruses and they are unable to distinguish between what is real and what may not be. Eventually, they drown in information overload.

Rob Falke examines air pressure balancing in residential homes
Rob Falke, President, National Comfort Institute

Air Balancing Certification

Commercial air balancers are the only professionals certified to test, adjust, and certify building airflows and pressures to meet strict job specifications and industry standards. National Comfort Institute’s (NCI) Residential Air-Balancing Certification is the only certification supporting professionals who meet the test and verify requirements.

Unlike ineffective silver-bullet cures, you can offer and deliver system solutions in homes that meet commercial building specifications.

Home Is Supposed to Be a Safe Place

Being confined to home almost 24 hours per day, week-after-week, while immersed in Covid-19 information overload, has forced many homeowners to take a hard look at their HVAC systems. Many question their HVAC systems’ effectiveness and impact on their health.

They also know summer is on the way. They have increased concerns that problems noticed during mild weather will worsen as the outdoor temperature rises.

Given legitimate solutions to increase home health, many homeowners are far more likely to choose higher-level system upgrades than ever before. Your ability to deliver increased personal safety, health, comfort, and energy efficiency has a broader appeal now than ever before.

Pending relief from current government-imposed health regulations more than likely will increase the chances of homeowners coming into direct contact with viruses. This can further increase the demand and value of a safe and healthy indoor environment at home.

Explore Your Customer Needs

Chances are that few people will call your office asking you to make positive pressure in their homes and a negative pressure room for an infected family member. However, if you listen carefully, you will recognize many homeowners have safety or health concerns that only balancing solutions will effectively cure.

Your opportunity to serve is based on your ability to diagnose their problem, help them understand the proposed solution, and deliver the results they want. Here are the top four air-balance solutions you can offer.

Increase HVAC System Capacity

Comfort, temperature, and humidity are the foundational principles of IAQ. If the home’s HVAC system cannot provide these basics, it’s doubtful the system can adequately maintain a safe and healthy indoor environment.
It is difficult to assure a healthy and safe home when the system is operating at half capacity. The first step is to test, diagnose, and prescribe system repairs so it functions as it should.

You can address and reduce Covid-19 risks and improve system performance during typical system repairs.

This includes:

  • Evaluating air filtration which will improve as system performance increases
  • Measuring fan capacity helps you engineer the maximum filter resistance, which reveals if the fan and system can handle higher efficiency filters
  • Simply installing a higher-efficiency filter on an existing system often reduces system capacity.

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