The sales team at Isaac Heating and Air Conditioning consists of 16 project managers and 15 Home Energy Auditors across six locations. Roughly 14 of those members are outside hires and the rest previously held installation or service positions with the company before their current sales roles.

Andrew Torres

The sales position at Isaac is highly coveted. Some of that stems from the fast-paced high-energy environment of sales. Part has to do with the freedom of their schedule as well as the compensation. More importantly, at Isaac Heating, it’s the culture of the group: a true band of brothers and sisters.

The Right Fit

To attract top sales talent, we look for applicants who can fit in. Everyone has potential, but the last thing you want is to put someone in a position where they will struggle. This isn’t always easy. We now use cognitive and placement software ( which changes our efforts for the better.

The neat thing about using this type of software is that you can model the scope of what you are looking for around your top performers. When looking for sales talent, it really pays to know what type of person you’re looking for. In other words, you need a clear picture of what you want.

For those who have read Jim Collins’ book, ‘Good to Great,’ we adhere to the idea of First Who, Then What ( The idea is that our entire team are riders on the company bus, and everyone needs to be matched up with the right seat. That means having the right person in the right job at the right time.

Isaac Heating Home Energy Advisor Steve Bibbons
Pictured is Isaac Heating Home Energy Auditor Steve Bibbens working with one of our residential customers.

We want our employees to be wildly successful.

Finding people who are the right fit often starts with what attracted them to Isaac Heating in the first place. When interviewing sales applicants, I often hear that our brand is what grabbed their attention.

They tell me that our long history (75 years), being one of the biggest HVAC contracting firms in the area, and being a family-owned business are impressive to them.

Grooming a sales rep from within the organization is something we have done for ages. Most of our top sales performers are former service and installation techs ‘ me included. Our clients like this approach because it lends credibility to our professionalism and establishes a level of trust.

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