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Elite RHVAC Manual J Software

To provide the right comfort solution, you need a basis of design for new HVAC installations and retrofits. Specifically, Manual J is a building science-related engineering calculation that evaluates a structure’s ability to resist the loss and gain of heat in specific climate conditions.

The information you input describes the structure’s thermal envelope, such as window energy efficiency, insulation values, orientation of the house, etc., and the output is measured as the Btuh load of the house.

Elite Software's RHVAC Manual J Design software

I’ve been running load calculations since 1993. There are several excellent software choices available to do this right, however, Elite RHVAC is the tool I use most for Manual J, D, and S calculations.

The software you choose should be affordable, user-friendly, accurate, and well supported. RHVAC rates well in all these categories.

Get started learning any room-by-room load calculation software by attending a live or online training seminar. Sign up for training today. You will be glad you did.

Elite’s lifetime tech support is easy to access with no additional annual fees. Purchase is a one-time fee for the desktop version with no yearly fees. The basic version includes a Manual S equipment selection calculator that is easy to use.

You can calculate a load using the simple data entry method or purchase Drawing Board, which produces CAD drawings and enables you to layout your duct design by buying the Manual D Ductsize module.

RHVAC incorporates an RPER form that consolidates all the information typically required by Code officials for permits. For more software product information, go to elitesoft.com.

The Manual J Design Studio (manualJdesign.com) provides a nationwide residential HVAC system design service. They also train contractors on how to make sense out of Manual J, D, and S. Training is available in person or through online webinars.

— by Paul Wieboldt, National Comfort Institute Instructor