Bacharach PCA 400 Combustion Analyzer

Bacharach’s PCA? 400 offers everything high-performance HVAC technicians need to commission, tune, maintain, and certify any boiler.

Users have the option to save measured data in the unit as discreet tests, or stream it live via Bluetooth’ communications to a PC or other smart hand-held device for compliance reporting.

Reports are easily and quickly generated to satisfy compliance requirements. Interchangeable power options (rechargeable Li-Ion, ‘AA’ alkalines, or line power) ensure the unit is always ready for use.

Probes and hoses come in a variety of lengths and materials to satisfy a wide range of applications, including NOx, and other requirements.

Automatic sensor protection not only guards against damage, but doubles their measurement range under high load conditions for increased flexibility.

Note: The PCA? 400 calculates CO2 value based upon other measured values during the combustion process. It does not measure CO2 directly.

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Rinnai I-Series Residential Boiler

Rinnai Corporation, manufacturer of tankless gas water heaters announced the launch of its new I-Series Boiler for the residential market at the AHR Exposition in Atlanta this past January.

The I-Series can simultaneously use home heating and domestic hot water. That means, no interruptions if someone takes a shower at the same time the heat is running.

The technology also includes an innovative bypass servo valve, which enables precise control of the hot water temperature.

The I-Series Boiler is available to high-performance HVAC contractors in both combo and heat-only models and comes standard with multi-zone heating control. Rinnai says the new boiler will be available for ordering in the spring of 2019, well in advance of the start of the heating season.

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Emerson Sensi Predict

From the time of installation, Sensi? Predict allows contractors to take command of the homeowner’s system and begin the transformation towards greater profitability.

By transitioning from a reactive business model to a proactive sensor system that connects the contractor to ongoing home performance, the contractor ensures the probability of higher revenue per truck roll.

Sensi? Predict monitors 24/7/365. By installing 10 smart Wi-Fi sensors on the home furnace and air conditioner, homeowners will have peace of mind in knowing their system is working efficiently.

In addition to a monthly performance report emailed to both the contractor and the homeowner, a real-time alert is sent if a warning is detected.

The new Sensi? Predict is currently being rolled out to select markets and will continue to expand in 2019. For more information, visit

Robertshaw Universal Ignitor

The IgnitorPro’ universal ignitor was showcased during the AHR Expo in Atlanta, GA in January.

It is designed to deliver dependable ignition in heating systems of every description: furnaces, boilers, rooftop heaters, infrared burners, unit heaters, water heaters, and many other types of HVAC equipment.

Robertshaw offers two universal ignitors:

  • Model 41-802N features state-of-the-art silicon nitride technology for the best durability and a flat blade heating element for best heating dissipation.
  • Model 41-803 features high density silicon carbide and a flat blade heating element for good heat dissipation.

These ignitors can replace more than 150 brands of ignitors. For more information, go to