TSI/Alnor Velocity Matrix

Using a TSI/Alnor Velocity Matrix on a kitchen hood.

The TSI/Alnor 801090 velocity matrix can increase your testing speed and accuracy. It’s a device with many uses that you can quickly adapt to your testing workflows.

This accessory uses the same grid found at the bottom of TSI/Alnor air balancing hoods. However, you can attach it to the included telescopic pole with extra-long hoses for various applications.

It is ideal when measuring difficult access areas like economizers, kitchen hoods, or grilles that are inaccessible with an air balancing hood. The TSI/Alnor 801090 velocity matrix includes different length stand-off feet to maintain a consistent distance from the surface you measure.

You can connect the EBT730 micro-manometer from the air balancing hood to the TSI/Alnor 801090 velocity matrix and program it to display cfm (cubic feet per minute) on the screen. This feature saves you time on math calculations and increases your accuracy. The device averages multiple air velocity measurements from a one square foot area and has an air velocity range from 25 to 2500 fpm (feet per minute).

The velocity matrix has only one downside. It isn’t the best tool to use on windy days for those who measure economizer airflow. Since the test ports are open with no protection, significant fluctuations in your velocity measurements could occur. However, when used to measure open-area airflow, it works well.

For more information or to purchase the 801090 Velocity Matrix, visit the NCI Store here: ncilink.com/VelocityMatrix.

– By David Richardson, National Comfort Institute