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Sensorcon Industrial Pro Personal CO Safety Monitor

Nothing is more important than keeping yourself safe on the job and everywhere you go. That is why I recommend you carry the Sensorcon Industrial Pro Personal CO (carbon monoxide) Safety Monitor. It only has to save your life once to demonstrate its value.

CO Monitor has high accuracyI have used many personal monitors and have investigated others. So far, I have found nothing that compares to the features, simplicity, dependability, accuracy, or the longevity of the Industrial Pro device.

It has audio, visual, and vibrating indications of elevated CO levels. Its response time is just seconds. You can custom-set CO level alerts for both low and high-level readings. This safety monitor also has a mute button and a maximum level lock feature.

The Industrial Pro has a CO range of 1 to 2000 ppm. Hopefully, you will never see the high range in an area where you are working.

Its replaceable camera-type battery is easy to change. Many other personal monitors need to be thrown away if the battery dies. The Industrial Pro also has an EOL (end of life) warning. This will usually show up every six months. This doesn’t mean the instrument is bad, it just needs to be calibrated.

There is an easy way to determine if the Industrial Pro is operating properly. Take a plastic food bag and place the Industrial Pro inside. Then take a couple of matches, light them, then blow them out and allow the smoke to enter the bag. Close the bag and watch the readings. If they rapidly climb to 15 ppm or higher it is good to go. This is the same test used to check Low-Level CO monitors.

Save your life, your family’s lives, and of course, your customers’ lives! If you are interested in learning more visit the NCI store at ncilink.com/sensorconCO.

By Jim Davis, National Comfort Institute

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