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Dwyer 490A Hydronic Differential Pressure Manometer

The original Dwyer 490 hydronic manometer has been around for more than a decade. Back then, it wouldn’t read in feet, and the resolution wasn’t where it needed to be. But its size and weight were perfect for when balancing dozens to hundreds of chilled and hot water coils above the ceiling on large commercial projects.

The 490A today has a fantastic resolution, accuracy (?0.5% Full-Scale accuracy), and a handy back-lit screen which is a bonus when you are up in a ceiling. It comes in several packages with or without the manifold, in ranges from 0-15 PSI, up to 0-500 PSI.

Not only does this device meet the requirements for most TAB certifying organizations, but it also comes with a NIST traceable calibration certificate (ncilink.com/NISTCert), plus many of the parts and fittings you’ll need.

Besides being a great tool for longtime Hydronics pros, it is also the perfect FIRST hydronic meter for professionals just starting to explore hydronic balancing.

Another bonus for when you need to travel to a job across the country: a travel-friendly soft case version of the 490A. This soft case enables me to fit the entire 490A kit into my computer bag. This specific soft-case kit is ONLY available through National Comfort Institute (NCI) and National Balancing Council (NBC).

Of note is the fact that the 490A is the result of input from hundreds of professionals holding certifications from multiple organizations, union, non-union, TAB, mechanical, residential HVAC, Federal government, and facilities managers.

Learn more about the 490A and the soft case on the NCI website (ncilink.com/Dwyer490A).

If you are interested in the manifold version, go to Dwyer’s website for more information (ncilink.com/DwyerHyd).

— By Scott Fielder, Director, National Balancing Council

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