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NCI’s Heat-Resistant Test Port Plugs

Who doesn’t like cones? I mean come on, there are ice cream cones, pinecones, silicone and traffic cones, right? OK, maybe not traffic cones.ut for the most part everyone loves cones. If you haven’t been to the NCI store in a while, you will see coned-shaped test port plugs.

These are essential for use during carbon monoxide (CO) and combustion testing and are the subject of this June 2020 review.

You may be wondering why use a cone-shaped test port plug. The answer is simple. In our combustion class the hardest thing for students to wrap their minds around is installing test ports into a double-wall pipe. They fear it will destroy vent system integrity.

June 2020 Product Review focuses on heat-resistant test port plugs

NCI has a test port plug that will keep the integrity of that double-wall pipe. With its tapered design going from .25′ to .5′, it assures a seal between the inner and outer jackets of the vent. Plus they are easy to insert and remove.

If you’re worried about the test port plug melting, don’t! This thing is rated for 600’F, which is 50′ higher than the rating of double-wall pipe.

If this test port plug melts, you have bigger problems than a melted silicone plug. In addition to using them for double-wall pipe applications, they are more than adequate for single-wall and PVC venting.

They are also great for use when air testing rooftop units. Because of their heat rating, they won’t become brittle and fall apart from long UV exposure.

They ship in 100-count bags. So head over to the NCI store and get your heat resistant test port plugs today.
For more information or to purchase, go to ncilink.com/siliconeplugs.

– By Casey Contreras, National Comfort Institute Field Coach, and Instructor