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‘SER Rating: What Does It Mean?’ brochure from NCI

SER stands for System Efficiency Ratio. It differs from SEER in that it is the rating for the entire HVAC system (including ductwork and building construction conditions).

The SER brochure is part of NCI's Home Comfort series

The ‘SER Rating: What Does it Mean?‘ brochure from National Comfort Institute (NCI) is a great tool that our team uses to help explain what this means to our customers. It explains how the manufacturer’s rated efficiency on air conditioning units and furnaces is based on laboratory testing conditions.

Laboratory conditions just don’t exist in the real world. The equipment can be the absolute most efficient, but when installed into a house with inadequate ductwork, its efficiency will not be the same. And if you install it incorrectly, it’s even worse.

Brochure focused on SER ratings

The brochure is a powerful way for us to explain our training, certifications, and expertise. It backs up our selling story.

Besides all the great content in the brochure itself, I circle the myhomecomfort.org website and tell customers to go there to learn even more. This URL leads to NCI’s consumer-focused website.

The brochure and website give us more credibility because they represent a third-party resource. Customers trust that.
This brochure is part of NCI’s Home Comfort Series of brochures that address almost every consumer’s questions on why Performance-Based Contracting’ is so important.

You can find these brochures at the following link (along with a wide array of other support materials):  ncilink.com/SupportMaterial. You can order brochures here or call NCI Customer Care at 800-633-7058.

– By Gary Katz, owner, Total Comfort, Minneapolis, MN