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Supco ATP1 Attic Pro Utility Lift

Removing risk is everyone’s job. Poor risk management can lead to workers’ comp claims, property damage, and equipment damage. It can also lead to unnecessary extra labor hours for the HVAC company.

Supco's ATP1 Attic Pro Utility Lift

Let’s face it: doing attic installations can be high risk. They aren’t the easiest, usually requiring three technicians: one in the attic and two on the ground. The two on the ground must lift the equipment over their heads while the tech in the attic pulls.

Supco International has eliminated the need for three guys, saving installers’ backs, and reducing potential property damage. It can help you save time with their ATP1 Attic Pro Utility Lift.

The Attic Pro was invented by a real HVAC technician who was also a fireman. As a one-man operation, he was looking for a way to help lift furnaces and air handlers up into attics. His invention, the ATP1 lift will span 14- to 24-in. trusses using built-in clamps that lock the lift in place once tightened.

It can lift up to 250 lbs. using a manual winch with a built-in lock feature, which will take care of almost any air handler or furnace. The cable length is 20 feet, which in most cases is overkill, but you won’t have to leave it in the truck for certain jobs. You can put it to good use.

Made of durable steel, the Atp1 has a beautiful orange powder coat, a protective carrying case, and harnesses to use on the equipment you need to lift.

You use the winch hook and provided straps to crank away. This tool will save time and money and help risk management reduce workers’ compensation claims each year.

If you’re wondering where to get the ATP1, check out True Tech Tools.

— Casey Contreras, NCI Instructor