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Fieldpiece JL3MN Wireless Manometer

“Start working the way you want to.” That’s the Fieldpiece motto. The JL3MN wireless manometer is easy to work however you want. As always, this manometer’s very durable and compact design is fantastic.

Fieldpiece JL3MN Wireless Manometer in action

Measuring in at 5-in. long and 1.25-in. in circumference, it is ideal for most unless you have bear paws for hands — then it may be a little tiny. The JL3MN is magnetized for hands-free testing and comes with short static-pressure tubing for a tangle-free setup.

These instruments do not have a display screen because the JL3MN communicates directly with the Fieldpiece Joblink app and with the MeasureQuick app.

Fieldpiece’s connectivity keeps improving. The included static pressure tips are the same as always – there is no reason to reinvent the wheel when you’ve hit perfection.

These puppies have a 1,000-foot range, that’s 305 meters for those of you out of the States. The only caveat is that range is based on line of sight. Obstructions will affect the connectivity.

JL3MN manometers require two AAA batteries which will provide around 150 hours of use. When the batteries approach their end of life, the green indicator light will flash red to remind you that it’s time to change them.

On the back of the manometer, indicator switches enable the technician to designate what side of the system they’re testing on: return or supply.

The JL3MN manometers are great for anything and everything involving static pressure. If you don’t have your own set, you need it. This manometer is a perfect instrument for the HVAC air upgrade technician.

For more information, visit ncilink.com/jl3mn.

— by Casey Contreras, NCI Instructor