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TEC DG-8 High-Precision Manometer

Not all manometers are equal. Anyone who has questioned their pressure measurements knows what I’m talking about.

TEC DG-8 Precision Manometer
TEC DG-8 Precision Manometer

If you’re looking for a different option, check out the DG-8 high-precision manometer from The Energy Conservatory (TEC). You can choose either inches of water column (in. w.c.) or pascals (Pa) as measurement units. Besides unbeatable accuracy, this manometer is simple, with only two buttons and a large backlit display.

The DG-8 kit includes two lengths of tubing, a static pressure tip, a USB-C charger, and a Roomulator™ card in a durable ballistic nylon case.

One of the DG-8’s best features isn’t inside the kit. It’s the accompanying mobile apps. The first is TEC Gauge, which uses the instrument’s Bluetooth feature to leave the manometer in one location and see measurements on your smartphone or tablet. TEC Gauge is available at the Apple App and Google Play stores.

Your pressure testing is more flexible with the DG-8 and TEC Gauge. You can see real-time static pressure changes at the equipment when adjusting to wall-mounted controllers.

Since the gauge measures in pascals, you can also test room pressure imbalances and use the included Roomulator to determine relief opening sizes. Finally, this device is one of the few manometers capable of draft pressure testing. You can see pressure changes in the palm of your hand when changing interior door positions or turning on various fans for draft interference and worst-case depressurization testing.

The second DG-8 app is TrueFlow (also available in the Apple App and Google Play stores). It pairs with a Digital TrueFlow Grid (sold separately or as a kit) to measure fan airflow. This combination removes all doubt and confusion from airflow testing. It makes the process simple and quick, so it’s ideal for selling technicians or salespeople educating homeowners about their duct systems.

If you want to learn more about the TEC’s DG-8, go to ncilink.com/DG8.

— By David Richardson, VP of Training, National Comfort Institute