Author: David Richardson

The Art of Installing Test Ports

HVAC test ports are necessary to measure the invisible operating properties of an HVAC system such as static pressure, temperature, and airflow, access is needed to the air side of the system. This includes the duct work and air handling equipment. Gaining access to the air side means you’ll have to drill holes at strategic locations in the equipment and duct system. This single step often keeps technicians from testing. Fear takes over – all they can thin about is what could potentially go wrong. Let’s look at the art of installing test ports into the air side of...

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The HVAC Industry Needs A Return to Craftsmanship

Craftsmanship is gradually disappearing in our industry. Once upon a time, the majority of installers and technicians took pride in their work, put a lot of effort into doing it right the first time, and created quality projects that provided comfort and value for their customers. The goal of many contractors today is to focus on equipment replacement at the lowest possible price and moving from one job to the next, as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, it’s easy for good HVAC companies striving to compete to unintentionally get away from one of the cornerstones that made this industry great...

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Obstacles to Air Balancing Residential HVAC Systems

So what are the obstacles to air balancing? Did you know that air balancing is more common across the country today than ever before. It’s being enforced on many new residential HVAC installations due to code and utility program changes. In some areas, HVAC contractors stretch air balance requirements to meet minimum compliance while others strictly follow the codes. Regardless of specifications, contractors find it tough to bring a system into conformance so they can air balance it. Being accountable for proper airflow delivery causes you to examine every portion of an installation differently. You can no longer assume...

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Interior Doors and Intermittent HVAC Comfort Problems

This cooling season, HVAC professionals across the country will be called upon to solve intermittent comfort problems they can’t recreate. These frustrating and random problems often involve uncomfortable rooms, increases in humidity, uncontrollable dust, and odd smells. From a Performance-based Contracting perspective, let’s look at how the position of interior doors could be contributing to these intermittent problems and how you can solve them. Interior Doors Are Dampers that Can Cause problems Interior doors act like manual dampers in a duct system. They control how airflow moves through a home as their positions are changed from open to closed....

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