NCI Test Port Plugs

I can still remember the first time a contractor friend of mine came up to me and said, ‘Hey John, I was on one of your jobs a couple of weeks ago.’

‘How do you know that?’ I asked.

NCI Test Port Plugs - August 2020 Product Review

‘It had blue plugs all over it,’ he said.

That wasn’t the only time I was approached and told about those ‘blue plugs.’ Early in my testing days that became the ‘signature’ that I had been there.

What I am talking about are National Comfort Institute’s (NCI) Test Plugs. They always led to conversations with customers and contractors. They allow Performance-Based Contractors to start the necessary conversation with customers about the ‘High Blood Pressure’ of their HVAC system.

NCI Test Plugs serve at least two purposes. The primary purpose is to stop air from leaking from the equipment or duct system you installed the port. It keeps moisture and dirt out as well.

Secondarily, the installer of these plugs into test ports knows that anybody from his or her company doing a follow-up just needs to remove the plugs to check equipment static pressure, or component pressure drops: coil, filter, duct fitting, and so on.

On future service calls, every time a service technician shows up, they save time when it comes to taking static pressure and/or pressure drop readings. This decreases the overall diagnostic time of the call.

As an added bonus, these plugs have a tapered design for superior sealing ability with a ‘pull tab’ making it easier to remove from the test port.

NCI’s test port plugs come in bags of 100, in two sizes, 3/8′ and ?’, with a 500-minimum quantity for purchase.

Use these in conjunction with NCI’s line of static pressure kits, test port tap kits, and static pressure stickers, which you can find in our store. Go to for more information or to order.

‘ by John Puryear, NCI Instructor