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Conduit Load Calculation Software

As a residential HVAC contractor, finding an accurate and easy-to-use load calculation software program has always been a priority. Last year, I met Shelby Breger at an industry conference in Las Vegas.

Conduit is a new load calculation software package

Shelby told me about some software she was developing that uses Lidar technology to scan a home to perform a load calculation quickly and efficiently. It is called Conduit and I was intrigued and immediately volunteered to Beta test the software.

First and foremost, let’s talk about ease of use. When you create a new job, there is a feature that I really like called “Job Wizard.” Job wizard guides you through a series of questions that will help establish a baseline for the building materials in the home. This feature can save quite a bit of time and can also help guide you if you are new to doing load calculations.

The room scanning feature works extremely well. As you scan each room, the app assembles a 3D image of the home on the screen. The scan measures and records the surface areas, windows, and door sizes. The app allows you to easily edit walls and add or remove details as necessary.

Over the past several years, I have spent a substantial amount of time learning different load calculation software, and so far, Conduit is very intuitive and easy to learn. The app contains internal instructional videos that are easy to follow, which makes the learning process seamless.

The process from start to finish for an 1,800-sq.ft. home takes about 15 minutes. When you complete a job, Conduit generates a professional looking report which can be easily shared with your customer.

For more information, go to https://getconduit.com.

— Adam Mufich, NCI Instructor