“Because MAP’s Newport location is near us, we’ve sent our entire leadership team through their program. They even come to our office and do a monthly Vital Factor Meeting. This helps us set up accountability, create efficient, productive meetings, and more,” says Novini.

Book Clubs Work

Novini adds that he is a big believer in reading and continuously learning. He says that each day begins for him around 5:00 AM. As he preps for the day, he reads or listens to books. He calls this being “focused on working on his brain.”

He adds that he encourages his management team to do this as well.

Truck wraps highlight the pride Novini tries to instill in his crews.
SoCal Airflow Pros is owned by Cody Novini, a retired U.S. Marine, and serves a community dedicated to supporting veterans.

“I have a book list for my team that they all can access. They just need the Audible app, and they can listen to books while they’re driving between service calls, on their way into the office in the morning, or on their way home.”

Interestingly enough, he even has a program where after a member of his team completes a book, if they write a report based on some criteria he sets up, then answer a set of questions based on the books, SoCal Airflow Pros pays them $500 per book!

“After our daily meetings, the management team and I have a book club meeting. We’re currently listening to The E-Myth HVAC Contractor by Michael Gerber and Ken Goodrich. We discuss each chapter as we complete them.”

He has a similar setup for his field technicians as well.

Again, Novini emphasizes reading to keep his people learning and growing, which directly benefits their focus and success in the field.

System Renovations and Air Upgrades

“We work hard to be freaking good at heating and air conditioning,” he says. “I believe we provide customers with the best installations they can get in our market area. And we face a lot of big competition. For us, installation is the key to our success.”

Novini adds that his technicians have each other’s backs. “This way, we rarely miss anything. For example, if the installers show up and find the sales guy did 98% of his job and missed a couple of things, the installation crew will make sure everything else is dialed-in perfectly.

“By testing and measuring, we can offer customers options to best correct their comfort and energy issues. We look at ways to reduce heat gain – whether it’s using solar, replacing windows, and so on.”

He says his installers have a lot of pride in doing quality work. Half of the installation team has a military background, which creates a sense of brotherhood and camaraderie, in Novini’s words.

“They hold each other accountable to a higher standard,” he says. “They also help train new techs and mold them into forward-thinking, mature, ambitious people who want more training and want to do better.”

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