Retail Mindset

Cody Novini says he wants salespeople who have a retail mindset when it comes to duct renovations and air upgrade sales. He says they need to understand the technology, be able to take measurements and tests, and then be able to interpret the data so that customers can make intelligent buying decisions. He wants salespeople interested in building relationships to listen to customers and solve their problems.

“Our salespeople like this approach,” he says. “They like it because of our technical approach, and they enjoy coming to a customer with facts. Because of their training, they know how to communicate with homeowners, and they can sell more successfully as a result.

“Part of this is to help clients understand by educating them. Selling high-performance HVAC systems can be an uphill battle if we can’t do this. So communication is a big deal.”

At SoCal Airflow Pros, training is how they take the gamble out of High-Performance HVAC Contracting.

High-Performance is NOT a Gamble

“NCI’s high-performance contracting approach is all we do. Testing, measuring, and diagnosing airflow, static pressure, and other readings change you from being a contractor who just guesses into a true professional,” Novini adds.

“There is no gamble to this approach. It is tried and true. It builds confidence in your team and helps them have confidence in their abilities. They know that what they are doing is 100% accurate and correct. They aren’t guessing or telling themselves they are only doing it because the boss is telling them to.”

In the end, he says his philosophy is that no matter where you are in your career – a tech fresh out of school or a grizzled veteran — you need always to be a student.

“You should always be willing to learn. You will be learning until the day you die, or the industry will surpass you.”

SoCal Airflow Pros was, according to Cody Novini, founded on a simple principle: “provide the service we would like provided for ourselves. SoCal Airflow Pros continues to prove that world-class customer service, workmanship, and integrity are truly the best recipes for success.”

For these and many other reasons, High-Performance HVAC Today magazine chose SoCal Airflow Pros as this month’s Contractor Spotlight. Congratulations to Cody and the entire team.