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Wireless Psychrometer

Accurate temperature measurements are a challenging obstacle high-performance contractors face in the field. If you’ve ever measured temperatures at the air handling equipment and then sprinted to the supply registers and return grilles to gather their temperatures, you know what I’m talking about. The Fieldpiece JL3RH wireless psychrometer solves this and other challenges.

Fieldpiece JL3RH Wireless Psychrometer
JL3RH Wireless Psychrometer

So, this psychrometer includes a nine-inch flexible probe and sliding magnetic mount. These features simplify attaching and positioning the probe assuring accurate readings. It also prevents the frustrating problem of your thermometer falling out of ducts and grilles.

The probe measures dry bulb temperatures up to 250°F and down to -40°F. Other available readings include wet bulb, enthalpy, dew point, and percent of relative humidity. Each probe has a color-coded switch for supply or return readings, so you see the right temperature from the correct location.

To minimize testing time and increase measurement accuracy, you can connect multiple wireless psychrometers at one time with Fieldpiece’s Job Link app. Your smartphone simultaneously measures from the psychrometers so you can see live equipment Δt (temperature change) and duct system temperature loss in one place.

You can also quickly measure delivered Btus into problematic rooms during diagnostics or on a sales call.

First, place one probe into the room’s supply register and one in the return grille to measure system Δt. Next, measure delivered supply airflow into the room with an air balancing hood. Once you have these values, you can plug them into the appropriate Btu formula.

Therefore, if you’re looking for ways to speed up temperature testing, measure live duct temperature loss, or quickly estimate delivered room Btus, the JL3RH is for you.

For more information or to buy this instrument from the NCI Store, go to ncilink.com/FieldpieceJL3RH.

— David Richardson, NCI Director of Curriculum Development