Other Brand Benefits

Recognition: Your customers will recognize your company for everything discussed above. But brand goes beyond that, and it includes how you talk about yourself. This “talk” is the marketing and promotion part of brand building. Marketing includes everything from your logo, website, trucks, and uniforms, to how you advertise and promote your business and its services to build a brand.

Recognition goes beyond your market. Your peers and your industry will also recognize your brand. This recognition happens when you become involved with trade organizations, regular training, and certification classes and share your successes and failures with peers.

Clarity and Focus: Branding affects external forces and influences your team and their families. A great brand clarifies what they do and helps them focus on the training and procedures you’ve developed to accomplish your performance goals. In other words, clarity and focus drive direction and motivation, which builds employee confidence and pride in their craft.

Customer Connection: Your high-performance contracting approach also creates strong bonds with customers. Of course, this has a lot to do with technician attitude in the field.

But if you train them properly and they buy into the high-performance approach, your technicians can become advisors and consultants to customers regarding comfort and safety needs. This helps them (you) connect with customers on a level other contractors rarely achieve.

Everything you do to build upon and strengthen these qualities of your brand will do one other thing: they will help increase your business value. If the time comes for you to sell your company, your brand can be an important part of its overall value. From your reputation to your customer relationships and service/maintenance base, your brand can help attract potential buyers or investors.

You Are the Brand

You build a solid company brand through consistency over time. Then you and your team need to work toward providing a pleasant experience with every customer.

Branding is cultural, and it becomes the fabric of your company.

As a high-performance HVAC contractor, your brand can remove the “apples to apples” equipment comparison from the equation and focus the customer on how you stand out by delivering the performance that results in better comfort and actual energy savings. Once in front of the customer, you can help cut the noise about one box vs. another and focus on the delivered results.

Look at ways you can sharpen your image and build your brand. Put yourself in the best position to be viewed by your target audience as the company people trust, like, and want to do business with.

So, when you look into the mirror, what do you see? Do you see someone with a nine-to-five job hustling cheap prices and box swap-outs?

Or, do you see someone who focuses on their customers and custom designs systems for their individual needs, then installs, services, and maintains those systems.

Are you the company that provides more value to its customers than any other in your marketplace?

Remember, in the end, no matter what you do or don’t do, through the custom­­­­­­­­­­­er’s eyes; you are the brand.