Sure, your competitors all sell the same or similar equipment that you do. But, as a high-performance HVAC contractor, you are different because you sell solutions. Do your competitors consider any of the following?

  • Ask about customer problems
  • Test, measure, and then diagnose the root cause of customer problems
  • Design solutions to solve their problems
  • Bundle products and services (including duct system renovations) to simplify investment decisions
  • Verify that the solution will work
  • Provide easy financing options.

In your customers’ eyes, they will see that you are one of few contracting companies that do all the above. Isn’t that a better brand identity?

… Build Trust and Value: When you do the things described above, you build trust with customers and create value. You design, build, and install custom systems based on your customers’ needs.

By the way, you cannot do these things and build trust and value if your field teams lack the necessary technical abilities. That is basic. So regular training is a requirement to build brand trust and value.

The puzzle piece that can make or break your brand, is you
Your brand is the piece of the puzzle that can make or break your reputation in your market area.

The intangibles your customers cannot see also create trust and value. It’s amazing how things like people and processes can make all the difference to your company’s success and how others see it. Part of this is how your team listens to customer problems and then goes about finding the issues. Your customer will see this approach and appreciate the value it affords them. Most will pay for such premium services and the options you offer.

… Tell Your Story to the World: Let’s face it, your high-performance approach plus how your teammates look and act in the customers’ eyes, their professionalism, and even the look of your trucks, tools, and paperwork all builds your image and tells your story. People remember what they see, and in marketing terms, that can help keep your company top-of-mind with them.

… Generate Referrals: Because of everything you do and because you can genuinely solve customer comfort and efficiency issues, your brand can help generate referrals to more customers. We all know how important referrals are. I’m not just talking about word-of-mouth referrals but also positive online reviews and testimonials. They all play into your brand and image.

… Deliver on Expectations: From a customer perspective, the HVAC Industry, in general, has not done itself a huge favor. So many contractors build their brand identity around price. As a result, consumer expectations are typically low, and that is an industry brand.

As an individual high-performance HVAC contractor, you can raise the bar. You can show how you customize system design, installation, and service to fit each customer’s individual needs. That customization creates a higher level of expectation that only you can deliver.

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