Session Five: High-Performance Town Workshops

NOVICE: Develop Good Static Pressure Habits
Hands-on Workshop Leader: John Puryear

Static pressure testing quickly opens the door to airflow diagnostics. This simple test can uncover unseen opportunities for technicians and salespeople and help installers provide higher quality installations.

PRACTIONER: Master True Airflow Diagnostics
Hands-on Workshop Leader: Casey Contreras

When it comes to HVAC system diagnostics, our industry has been using rules of thumb for far too long. These practices continue to cause misleading diagnosis and improper repairs—not to mention occupant discomfort, unhealthy homes, safety issues, and needless energy waste.

MASTERY: Avoid The Top 10 Btu Measurement Mistakes
Hands-on Workshop Leader: Rob Falke

Btu measurement is a critical and exacting practice. Errors of just a few tenths of a degree can result in a major misdiagnosis and improper repairs. Discover Btu measurement mistakes that can easily be avoided in the field so you can accurately provide correct equipment and system diagnostics.

Session Six: Carbon Monoxide and Combustion

NOVICE: Two Must-Do Combustion Safety Tests
Keep Your Customers Safe!
Workshop Leader: Tom Johnson

Ambient CO and building pressure testing are critical to helping assure both technician and customer safety. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to measure ambient CO, what test equipment you need, the action levels your team needs to know, and how to discuss your findings with your customers.

PRACTIONER: Vision Beyond Sight with Combustion Testing
Give Your Customers The Value They Deserve
Workshop Leader: Casey Contreras

The right knowledge and test instruments can help give you X-ray vision when it comes to combustion testing. Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths out there that can lead you astray. We will expose the most common ones and debunk many of these misconceptions.

MASTERY: Advanced Venting And Combustion Air Solutions
Solve Even The Toughest Combustion Issues
Workshop Leader: Jim Davis

In this session, Jim will focus on why proper combustion testing is crucial to identifying the right repairs and determining most effective solutions. You will discover why venting and combustion air repairs are important and ways to help your team understand and explain them.

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