Breakout Sessions

Session One: Airflow Diagnostics and Air Upgrade Workshops

NOVICE: Use AirMaxx Lite™ To Educate Your Customer
How A Simple App Can Help Customers Understand Static Pressure And Airflow
Workshop Leader: David Holt

Properly measuring and understanding Total External Static Pressure (TESP) provides clues as to why your customer’s heating and cooling system is not operating as well as it should. Poor airflow resulting from excessive static pressure at the fan can result in uncomfortable rooms and inefficient operation. Identifying and solving static pressure issues leads to happier customers and profitable sales.

PRACTIONER: Airflow Hoods: The Go-To Test Instrument For Air Upgrades
Get The Most From Your Airflow Hood Investment!
Workshop Leader: Rob Falke

One key factor in designing an Air Upgrade is knowing delivered airflows at the registers and grilles. Therefore, a flow hood or air capture hood is an essential tool for quickly identifying poor airflow. In this workshop NCI’s own “Doc” Falke will show you the different hood types and what works best for residential diagnostics.

MASTERY: Identify Duct Insulation Defects In Three Easy Steps
Sharpen Your Duct System Diagnostic Skills
Workshop Leader: David Richardson

When ducts aren’t properly sized, sealed, and insulated, they can cause long runtimes, discomfort, and wasted energy. Learn how to quickly identify duct insulation defects in three simple steps. You will also learn how system temperatures are so important to overall comfort and system performance.

Session Two: High-Performance Sales Workshops

NOVICE: Generate Leads For Profitable Air Upgrades
Help Your Customers Understand What An Air Upgrade Can Do For Them
Workshop Leader: John Puryear

It’s not enough to measure static pressure on your service and sales calls. To convince your customer to take action, you need to communicate your findings, and what the readings mean in terms they can understand.

PRACTIONER: So You Have A Diagnostics-Generated Lead. Now What?
How To Build An Air Upgrade & Renovation Sales Machine
Workshop Leader: Rob Falke

Each of your company’s customers is already an Air Upgrade lead. In fact, they already want it but don’t yet know what it is, what it can do for them, or where to get it. When you perform static pressure testing on every service call, your company already has
what it takes to generate these valuable leads.

MASTERY: How To Price Profitable Air Upgrades & Renovations
Price Air Upgrades And Duct System Renovations Based On Their Worth
Workshop Leader: David Holt

When pricing high-performance system upgrades and renovations, you must focus on the lifetime value delivered and less on the estimated job cost. When you only consider raw costs, you minimize the craftsmanship involved in creating the high-performance results associated with your customer-built solutions.

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