Session Three: High-Performance Implementation

NOVICE: Build Craftsmen, Not Laborers
How To Overcome Flawed Perceptions With Your Installers
Workshop Leader: Casey Contreras

Craftsmanship is no easy task. It’s not something you’re born with. Rather it develops over time with mentorship. The truth is, to make a great system design work, it requires a craftsman to install it correctly. Unfortunately, most installers don’t understand the important role that they play in delivering high-performance systems.

PRACTIONER: How to Create Custom Air Upgrades
Make Air Upgrades The Center of Your High-Performance Strategy
Workshop Leader: David Richardson

Air Upgrades are the perfect starting point for improving equipment performance and improved comfort and energy efficiency. In this session, you will learn how to assemble customized Air Upgrade kits based on the install conditions you see most.

MASTERY: Are You Losing Money Due To Poor Inventory Management?
Minimize Job Cost With Better Inventory Management
Workshop Leader: David Holt

Your sales team can make a profitable sale on paper, only to have the profits evaporate due to ineffective inventory management processes. This workshop will help you learn ways to be more profitable through a well-designed and executed inventory management plan from truck stock to installation and Air Upgrade kits.

Session Four: Take it to the Next Level With High-Performance Software

NOVICE: Use ComfortMaxx Air™ On Every System You Test!
How To Make ComfortMaxx Air The Most Valuable Tool In Your Arsenal
Workshop Leader: John Puryear

Discover how NCI’s ComfortMaxx Air™ software can help you win over more customers and sell more Air Upgrades by demonstrating third-party validation of your findings.

PRACTIONER: ComfortMaxx Pulse™ System Performance Testing
Help Turn Your Techs Into Diagnostic Machines
Workshop Leader: Casey Contreras

In this session, you will learn how NCI’s ComfortMaxx Pulse™ software can aid you in your diagnostics and customer participation. This tool will help make your technicians diagnostic “machines.” The workshop will cover each step needed to collect the right pressures and temperatures and generate a Pulse report you can review with your customer.

MASTERY: Total HVAC System Rating With ComfortMaxx Verify™
The Ultimate System Performance Verification Tool
Workshop Leader: David Richardson

Learn how to prove the performance of your field-installed systems with NCI’s ComfortMaxx Verify™ software. In this ground-breaking session, you’ll discover how system verification can provide your customers with the ultimate peace of mind — and how it sets you apart from your competition.

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