Casey Contreras, NCI Trainer and Field Coach

Casey Contreras

NCI Field Coach and Instructor

  • Session Three — Novice: Build Craftsmen, not Laborers
  • Session Four — Practitioner: ComfortMaxx Pulse™ System Performance Testing
  • Session Five — Practitioner: Master True Airflow Diagnostics
  • Session Six — Practitioner: Vision Beyond Sight with Combustion Testing
NCI Trainer John Puryear

John Puryear

NCI Customer Care Representative and Instructor

  • Session Two — Novice: Generate Leads For Profitable Air Upgrades
  • Session Four — Novice: Use ComfortMaxx Air™ on Every System You Test!
  • Session Five — Novice: Develop Good Static Pressure Habits

David Holt

NCI Director of National Accounts

  • Session One — Novice: Use AirMaxx Lite™ to Educate Your Customer
  • Session Two — Mastery: How to Price Profitable Air Upgrades & Renovations
  • Session Three — Mastery: Are you Losing Money Due to Poor Inventory Management?
Rob Falke, President, National Comfort Institute (NCI)

Rob Falke

NCI President

  • Session One — Practitioner: Airflow Hoods: The Go-To Test Instrument for Air Upgrades
  • Session Two — Practitioner: So You Have a Diagnostics-Generated Lead. Now What?
  • Session Five — Mastery: Avoid the Top 10 BTU Measurement Mistakes

David Richardson

NCI Curriculum Developer and Instructor

  • Session One — Mastery: Identify Duct Insulation Defects in Three Easy Steps
  • Session Three — Practitioner: How to Create Custom Air Upgrades
  • Session Four — Mastery: Total HVAC
  • System Rating with ComfortMaxx Verify™

Tom Johnson

NCI Instructor

  • Session Six — Novice: Two Must-Do Combustion Safety Tests
Jim Davis, NCI

Jim Davis

NCI Senior Instructor

  • Session Six — Mastery: Advanced Venting and Combustion Air Solutions
NCI's Dominick Guarino continues his ABCs series

Dominick Guarino

Publisher of High-Performance HVAC Today and CEO of National Comfort Institute, Inc.

  • General Sessions
  • Award Banquet and Presentations Ceremony

Mike Weil

Editor-in-chief of High-Performance HVAC Today and Director of
Communication at National Comfort Institute, Inc.

  • General Sessions Emcee
  • Idea Session Winners

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