As a High-Performance HVAC Contractor, one of the most challenging things we do is try to educate the public in our marketplace on what that means. For years we have tried to market the testing and training we do to differentiate ourselves from our many competitors in our market area.

Our lead generation from this approach was not great. Furthermore, many of our competitors went out of their way to tell customers the services DiMarco and Associates provides are just a way for us to boost prices and make more money.

But as a company, we focus on total system performance. That is all about quality control and quality assurance. But how do you tell your customer base about it?

This is particularly an issue for a contracting firm that does both commercial and residential work. That’s two different audiences and two different messaging approaches.

Ben DiMarco
Ben DiMarco, owner, DiMarco & Associates

For us, the key is for clients to get results they want without facing a lot of technospeak by our technicians. This is primarily true on the residential side of our business. Commercial customers tend to be more engineering-oriented and may want to hear technical details and all the options available.

Do the Right Thing

Our focus on the business’s commercial and residential sides is to do things right the first time. It’s to eliminate taking shortcuts and look for problem solutions that provide customers with the most value for the dollars they invest with us.

This approach means ensuring we have the right return duct drop, the right filter set up, selecting the right coil, then programming the fan properly. Doing these things has shown an average of 15 to 20% improvement on almost every job.

We find that contractors who don’t have this focus have issues with the systems they install. Many of these issues stem from airflow, and we get calls to correct them. Without our testing and measuring processes, we wouldn’t discover things like having a wrong air cleaner application that chokes airflow at the air handling unit.

In fact, many calls involve correcting problems with original coil installations. They also stem from incorrectly set fan speeds, and more. At DiMarco and Associates, we call these issues “near-furnace” problems. We haven’t even begun looking at the overall duct system.

Doing the right thing means learning what that is. Most of the time, installers for many of our competitors don’t know or understand the impact of airflow on system performance. Why? Because most have no training in the importance of airflow. And if they are trained, they’ve never entirely held themselves accountable by testing after they finish an installation.

Testing in and testing out on every system you encounter is the only way to prove your work and ensure the system is operating correctly. That is how I define doing the right thing.

The ‘Why’ Behind Our Brand

At DiMarco and Associates, we pride ourselves on helping our team understand the why behind performance testing. Frankly, if the installers don’t know why you want them to do something, they won’t do it.

In my experience, the one thing the HVAC Industry seems to be dialed into is the “why” behind the refrigerant circuit. Over the decades, most HVAC equipment manufacturers have beat that into all our heads.

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