Any journey begins with the first step. By reading this series, you’ve taken your first step towards becoming a High-Performance HVAC Contractor. You may want to read through each article again as you’ll likely gain a different perspective when you see the full picture in front of you all at once.

NCI's Dominick Guarino continues his ABCs series

Dominick Guarino, NCI CEO

In the final installment of this 11-part series, we will focus on steps you can take to put the previous 10 articles into action.

High-Performance Contracting is still very much a Blue Ocean in the HVAC industry. If you haven’t read ‘Blue Ocean Strategy: How to Create Uncontested Market Space and Make the Competition Irrelevant,’ by W. Chan Kim and Ren’e Mauborgne, you should definitely consider it.

The approach fits well with High-Performance Contracting. Here’s a link to a website that focuses on Blue Oceans: You’ll find a number of great implementation tools there as well.

Be sure to read my One More Thing column in this issue to learn more about why High-Performance HVAC is a perfect Blue Ocean Strategy. (

If you haven’t already taken it, your next step is to invest in educating yourself in this little-known area of the industry.

You can begin by taking a class on Residential System Performance ( or Duct System Optimization ( ‘ it will open up your mind to all the possibilities.

There’s no substitute for live training where you can interact and explore ideas with an instructor and your fellow HVAC professionals.

Take the Step of Talking to other High-Performance Contractors

Seek out High-Performance contractors in your marketplace or perhaps in neighboring towns. There are thousands of companies that are at different stages in the learning curve. Some are further down the path and some are just starting like you.

There are also hundreds of NCI members who are on the path to High Performance. These members are identified in NCI’s online contractor lookup.

To look for a company near you who have begun the process, click on the Find A Certified Professional on and enter your zip code and the mile radius you want to search for peers in your area.

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