We spend an exceptional amount of time developing and educating our team. We place a heavy emphasis on designing a system properly. This allows our sales reps to have the utmost confidence in the product/company they represent.

Six Factors for Attracting and Keeping Top Sales Talent

When you break it down, attracting and retaining top sales talent requires the following key steps.

  • Understand who your top performers are and describe the key characteristics that make them successful. Then look for similar characteristics in potential candidates
  • Groom people from within your organization for sales positions. They have a unique perspective on the client experience
  • Cultivate a family-type atmosphere. Find ways to bond with your salespeople that don’t pertain to work
  • Use monetary incentives strategically. Don’t just throw cash at the group and watch them all fight for it. Goals should be clearly outlined. There should be individual as well as team goals. Make sure to celebrate wins with frequency and consistency
  • Engage the team through special projects that either help to improve the client experience, or even the internal sales process itself. This can turn into career progression and identify leaders among the group
  • Share direct and concise communication via email or meetings. Salespeople tend to have short attention spans, so the communication needs to be engaging and short.

At Isaac Heating, these are the things we do to attract and retain solid salespeople. This approach also works to build on our culture, to live up to our standards, and to continue our mission to be THE company that is easiest to work with.

Andrew Torres brings more than 16 years of HVAC sales, installation and leadership experience to the Isaac Heating team. He joined the company when he was 19 years old as an installation helper. He has held roles as a NATE-certified installer, BPI-certified Home Performance auditor, residential project manager, and a branch manager. His goal is for his team to cultivate an unmatched experience for Isaac’s clients by simply being easy to do business with and attentive to clients’ needs. He can be reached at ncilink.com/ContactMe.