‘Son, I don’t understand a word you just said,’ uttered the chicken farmer to Napoleon Dynamite. Perhaps you haven’t heard these exact words from your customers, but you’ve probably seen it on some of their faces.

Let’s take a look at an essential element in system diagnostics that is not technical but critical ‘ translating test data into ideas your customers can easily understand and act upon.

To successfully offer HVAC system solutions takes much more than technical ability alone. It requires you to become a translator, a good listener, and a teacher.

High-Performance HVAC Industry Influencer Rob Falke
Rob Falke

While you may think these are lofty skills, you’ll be surprised how naturally you can develop them. With some practice, you can translate test data into solutions your customers understand and want.

What, No Sales Skills Required?

If you’re like most service technicians, you don’t like to sell or be sold. So, how can you offer pricey system solutions if you don’t follow the traditional high-pressure sales route?

Think about how YOU buy today. You probably jump online and search for information about what you want to buy. Once you’ve gathered enough information and are confident you’ve found what you want, you buy it.

Do Amazon salespeople hound you to buy something? No, they have intelligent search engines leading you to ever more information about products.

You’re well trained to ‘click’ and learn. Then you decide what the best product and deal is for you. A couple more clicks, and it shows up on your front door in a day or two.

People Learn, Decide, and Click to Buy

What if your role in a customer’s buying decision mirrored their online learning pattern, decision-making, and buying?

Although it sounds new, this process is timeless. It’s how people have always preferred to make purchases. Unfortunately, most technicians don’t pull together the knowledge, skills, and desire to offer more than the lowest price solution that may or may not solve the problem.

Tech data mumbo jumbo loses customers and job.
Your technicians should be able to ‘translate’ diagnostics information into everyday language that any customer can easily understand.

While you’re in a customer’s home, you can duplicate the learning and buying pattern they already use online. Instead of clicking online for more in-depth knowledge, you become their source for deeper understanding. You gather the information they need through testing and diagnostics and then translate your findings to them in a way they understand. You can even teach them with live hands-on experience.

Testing is Your ‘Research?

Some customers will ask why you test when others don’t test. The answer is simple:

Testing is the only way to get the information to discover the solution to their problem.

When you communicate essential test data results in a simple, honest, straightforward, and easy to understand language, each piece of information helps them discover what they want. When the time is right for them, they’ll ‘click? (approve the sales agreement) and buy. Listen carefully to responses from your customers to make sure they received your message.

Stop high-pressure selling and give customers the information they need to make their own informed decision. Some decide immediately. Others need more evidence before they are sure of what they want. Be patient. There is never a need to force the sale. Forcing is the opposite of teaching.

When searching Amazon, the normal flow of information begins with a very brief description of the product, accompanied by several pictures. If you want more information, you click on ratings and customer reviews. Then, for a really deep dive, you can click on product specifications. When you’re satisfied, you decide to buy.

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