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National Comfort Institute ‘Priority Cards’

Here is something to help you simplify your sales presentation by highlighting the features and benefits of your high-performance HVAC approach in an easy-to-understand way. After all, don’t your customers deserve the safest, healthiest, most comfortable, and energy-efficient indoor comfort system they can afford?

NCI Priority Cards are reviewed by David Holt

The National Comfort Institute (NCI) Priority Cards help your customers understand everything they get through your indoor comfort solution. This helps eliminate competition and win you more jobs.

Here is how they work: Comfort Advisors place the cards (with the ‘definitions’ facing up) on the table in front of the customer and say, ‘To make sure I design a system that best suits your needs, please read these cards and arrange them in order of their importance to you and your family.’

In most cases, we find that customers prioritize them in this order: Safety, Health, Comfort, and Efficiency.

Once they’ finish, you simply say ‘Thanks. Let me tell you how our company helps you enjoy each of these important benefits.’

Then, start with their top priority. Flip the card over and share how your recommendations address the benefit. Close the current card discussion with, ‘Can you see how we’re going to make sure your system is the safest solution for you and your family?

Change ‘safest’ to ‘healthiest’, ‘most comfortable’, or ‘energy-efficient’, depending on the card you are discussing. Then go to the next card until you discuss each one in order.

When customers clearly see that your approach provides superior value, you eliminate the competition and win more jobs!

To learn more about NCI Priority cards, and/or order them for your team, just go to ncilink.com/priority.

– By David Holt, NCI Director of National Accounts