Field Controls Type-C Chimney Cap Inducer

The Field Controls Type-C Chimney Cap (C-Cap) Inducer may not be familiar to most, but it could become more popular as people invest in more wood-burning equipment in the future. It is a fan-powered cap used on wood, coal, and gas fireplaces. There might be some situations where it can also be used on wood burning, coal burning stoves, or oil-fired equipment. It is rated for up to 1300°F and has a continuous temperature of 900°F, making it suitable for even warm areas of the country.

The Field Controls Type-C Chimney Cap (C-Cap)

Sheet metal adopters would be necessary for square or rectangular tile chimneys. The Type C Chimney Cap comes in 6, 8, 10, and 13-in. round pipes. It can be operated with just an on/off switch or a variable speed controller, which would be the best option.

Beyond Just Fireplaces

The C-Cap is especially helpful on wood and coal-burning fireplaces at initial start-up before an adequate draft is established. A variable-speed controller allows the fan to be adjusted perfectly to prevent smoke or fumes from entering the building. Also, the C-Cap is an excellent solution in certain buildings with excessive negative pressure. Too short flues would also be another good use for the C-Cap inducer.

Because fireplaces use a considerable amount of air, it is possible, after a few hours of use, for the building to start becoming negative. This allows smoke fumes to enter the building. The variable speed controller can be adjusted as needed.

The Field Controls C-Cap also serves as a rain and wind cap. When the fire is smoldering at the end, the C-Cap is especially helpful in keeping smoke and fumes from entering the building as the draft will be reduced.

Fireplaces can produce a high level of carbon monoxide. Just because there is no odor in the building does not indicate no CO.

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— Jim Davis, Senior Instructor, National Comfort Institute