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AirAdvice™ M5200 IAQ Monitor

The Model 5200 is a full-featured indoor air quality (IAQ) instrument for measuring dust/particles, chemical pollutants, CO2, CO, temperature, relative humidity, and more. The AirAdvice for Home platform includes a monitor, software, and unlimited reporting.

At DiMarco and Associates, we use this monitor on every call every day. Air monitoring is part of our preventive maintenance contract.

The M5200 collects IAQ data continuously, stores it in one-minute intervals, and sends that data to the AirAdvice servers using a built-in cellular modem. When not connected, the monitor can store data for up to 14 days.

The best part of this product for us is that it is easy to use. You just plug the monitor in and let it run. Once the data is gathered, it produces colorful consumer-friendly reports that give our team third-party credibility.

Understanding how to interpret the data is a bit more involved. That is where outside training like that provided by National Comfort Institute (NCI) becomes so important.

By itself the M5200 connects the dots between what the monitor reads, and HVAC industry and government IAQ standards. Customers can see if their homes are in the green (all clear), yellow (potential danger zone), or red (immediate
action required).

If your team is trained and practiced at finding IAQ issue sources, plus they are good at air balancing, and testing for combustion issues, then the M5200 is a fantastic tool to help them highlight IAQ problems and provide consumers solutions.

The more knowledgeable contractors are and the more tools they have to help communicate clearly to customers the better. AirAdvice monitors are such a tool.

Learn more about the AirAdvice M5200 IAQ monitor by visiting their website at ncilink.com/AirAdvice.

— Ben DiMarco, president, DiMarco & Associates, Cleveland, OH