Taco Comfort Solutions recently introduced their Clarity3 turnkey building automation system (BAS).

The Clarity3 takes the guesswork out of optimizing equipment operation and energy savings by establishing an intelligent framework for connectivity. It uses BACnet to provide a flexible, simple, and fully programmable BAS.

Clarity3 is based on a find/learn/act approach. The ‘find’ theme narrows the features focus on easy navigation, searching, and bookmarking. The ‘learn’ function gathers insights: dashboards, reports, and graphics ease learning. ‘Act’ restores order with command features and notifications if problems arise.

Clarity3 follows standards, yet is customizable and scalable to all building types.

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Fujitsu Introduces Mini-Split Alexa Compatibility

Fujitsu General America announces new mini-split compatibility with Amazon Alexa.

The company’s Halcyon line of heating and cooling products now features voice-activated control through an Amazon Echo device, if the mini-split has built-in Wi-Fi, or if Fujitsu’s Wi-Fi device is installed.

After your techs complete setting up the Fujitsu FGLAir app your customer has 13 Alexa commands including on/off operation, increase and decrease temperature, changing operating modes, requesting current temperature setting, and more.

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Connectors from Southwire

Southwire has enhanced its EZ-In? Mini-Split cable offering with connectors and tools created to make mini-split installations faster and easier for your techs.

Connectors are liquid-tight and steel- and zinc-plated. Tools include a rotary cutter, compact jacket cutter/conduit scorer with a reamer blade, and heavy-duty, stainless steel wire strippers.

Southwire’s EZ-In? Mini-Split cable offers techs ease of installation and savings by eliminating the conduit and cable trays found in typical HVAC installations. The company recently introduced a shielded configuration for the mini-split cable, which protects from electrical noise and interference from adjacent cables.

EZ-In Mini-Split cable is constructed from stranded bare copper THHN/THWN conductors with PVC insulation and a nylon jacket cabled together with an aluminum interlocking armor applied over the assembly. It is moisture-resistant, sunlight-resistant and flame retardant thanks to an over-armor PVC jacket.

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Watts Announces New Mobile App

The new, Watts Mobile App, designed for contractors and facility managers, works in tandem with QR codes recently added to Watts products for easy access to product details.’ The app allows product registration (with installation notes and pictures) and asset management, including history of service notes and reminders for future service or inspections.

The Watts Mobile App offers access to all of the following:

  • Watts product catalog with support documentation, product details, and video content
  • Product installation, registration, and asset management capabilities
  • Watts local sales representatives or wholesale distributor contact information.

Users can register Watts devices that are shipped with existing QR codes on them or any other installed device (including those from other brands) by using preprinted QR codes with unique identifiers that can be obtained through Watts’ sales rep network.

The Watts Mobile App is compatible with iOS 10.3 or later as well as Android Marshmallow or later, and can be downloaded in the Apple App Store and on Google Play.

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Ruskin AirFlow-IQ

Ruskin? introduces the AIRFLOW-IQ, which combines the features of’the’Ruskin TDP05K air flow and temperature measuring probes with the’Ruskin CD50 control damper and the’Ruskin VAFB24-BAC RAMS Air Measurement BACnet actuator. The unit is factory-assembled and calibrated to provide effective setpoint airflow control from 0 to 5,000 FPM using an analog or BACnet interface. The ultra low-leak, class 1A-rated CD50 damper meets leakage requirements of the International Energy Conservation Code.

Features include:

  • Thermal dispersion flow and temperature sensors
  • Factory-calibrated controller in nonvolatile EPROM
  • BACnet standard TDP05K and IP or MS/TP from actuator controller
  • Factory-mounted 24-volt modulating actuator(s)
  • Low-leak CD50 aluminum damper
  • Factory-mounted and wired
  • Single point 24-volt power connection
  • Temperature and altitude compensated.

The AIRFLOW-IQ helps satisfy the minimum outside air requirements by ASHRAE 62.1, 90.1 and 189.1, California Title 24, International Mechanical Code (IMC), and International Energy Conservation Code (IECC).

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