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AirMaxx™Lite  Mobile App

My parents raised me to do things right, keep things simple, cut the right corners, and think for myself.

That’s what the AirMaxx Lite™ app does for field technicians. Let me show you how.

Do it Right – Measuring static pressure is always the correct approach to truly figuring out how a system operates without you just guessing or using rules of thumb.

AirMaxx mobile screens

AirMaxx mobile screens

Keep it Simple – Once you enter a static pressure profile, the app helps technicians figure out where restrictions are. Unlike other software, AirMaxx Lite doesn’t tell techs how to fix the problem: it shows them where the problem is, and they can develop their own solution.

Cut the Right Corners – There’s nothing wrong with cutting corners as long as it’s the right corners. The corner that AirMaxx Lite allows the technicians to cut is time. Testing math and diagnosing can take 15 to 20 minutes. With AirMaxx Lite, you enter the measurement, and then the report shows the restrictions in the system. It does all the math for you.

Think for Yourself – There’s a lot of entities working very hard to get technicians to follow their words instead of allowing the techs to think for themselves. AirMaxx Lite allows each tech to make the discovery themselves. It’s not about telling them exactly what to do and fix. Think of AirMaxx Lite as a training tool.

On a side note, not too many technicians like to sell. AirMaxx Lite puts together simple explanations for the customer to understand what’s causing the issues within their home, helps reduce the technicians’ technical jargon, and maintains simplicity.

If you are interested in learning more about AirMaxx Lite, go to airmaxxlite.com.

— Casey Contreras, NCI Field Coach, and Instructor