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Sauermann Si-CA-130 Combustion Analyzer

I met a couple of the Sauermann representatives at a Goodman event in Texas a few years ago, and we spoke about their combustion analyzers. Though skeptical about their instrument, I figured I should try it out.

Si-CA 130 Combustion analyzer from Sauermann
Si-CA 130 Combustion Analyzer from Sauermann

Since then, NCI trainers have taken the Si-CA 130 to combustion classes and used them in the field when time permits. The consensus is that this combustion analyzer is an awesome addition to our tool bags.

At first appearance, the Si-CA 130 seems to be very robust. Its protective rubber cover protects it from those “oops” moments when the device decides to jump out of our hands. The screen is large for those who know our eyesight is degrading but refuse to get glasses. By the way, you also can increase the display size. Did I mention it also has a color touchscreen?

The Si-CA 130 uses a rechargeable battery, so don’t forget to plug it in to charge when it’s not in use. Sauermann has created an app to connect via Bluetooth to the analyzer. In addition to the app, it comes with PC-based management software. The app is excellent for the busy tech that needs to come and go from equipment locations but can stay connected and keep an eye on those combustion readings.

It uses up to three gas sensors and comes with a water trap with a filter, power supply/charger, a calibration certificate, a carrying case, and more.

The analyzer probe and tubing are just as robust as the meter itself. The Si-CA 130 will display a lot of measurements, including CO, O2, and stack temperature.

Plus the custom NCI Si-CA 130 kit Sauermann built just for NCI Analysts has a built-in draft gauge and a separate draft probe so you can measure draft in the right location while simultaneously measuring CO and O2. This makes it the perfect all-in-one instrument that will be a great addition to your tool bag.

For more information, go to ncilink.com/si-CA130.

— by Casey Contreras, NCI Instructor