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A Great American Pastime

Before you get too excited, I’m not talking about baseball. I’m talking about the great American clipboard. And not just any clipboard like the one invented in 1908 by George Henry Hohnsbeen.

I’m talking about the two clipboards every National Comfort Institute (NCI)-trained contractor and technician has come to love.
NCI clipboards are printed with all the tables and charts necessary to help you complete your High-Performance HVAC diagnostic process.

Designed for two different users — one is for the system performance guru, the other is for the duct design master.
The NCI clipboard has saved thousands of man-hours across the country by making manufacturer equipment ratings a thing of the past. Check out what each chart has to offer.

System Performance Guru Enthalpy Chart

The NCI Clipboard
  • Air Density Correction
  • BTU Density Correction
  • Heat Pump Performance
  • .50” Fan Performance
  • .80” Fan Performance
  • .80” Variable Fan Performance
  • Cooling Capacity.

Duct Design Master

  • Duct Design Tables
  • Static Pressure / Blood Pressure Table
  • Airflow requirements
  • Static Pressure Budgets
  • .50” Fan Performance
  • .80” Fan Performance
  • .80” Var. Fan Performance
  • Nomenclature lookup.

Only an NCI-certified professional can buy these clipboards. Your untrained competition won’t stand a chance.

For more information, or to buy these clipboards, go to ncilink.com/ClipBd or call your NCI Customer Care Representative at 800-633-7058.

— by Casey Contreras, NCI field coach and instructor