“In the end, we need to nail down our airflow skills. We have to hone our people skills. We have to work hard to figure out what’s in the customer’s best interest. You can’t forget or ignore the duct system. You have to understand the impact of duct leakage on airflow and comfort.

“As I said before, all of this is a journey. Not just a journey to best-in-class craftsmanship, but also to what I call professionalism. We are working hard to become top professionals, and that is an ongoing process. But it is our goal,” says Secor.

“From my perspective, being professional and looking professional is priceless to the public. It shows pride, and that’s good. Pride in craftsmanship adds real value to people’s lives,” he concludes.

For these and many more reasons, the team at High-Performance HVAC Today selected Home Heating and Cooling, Bend, OR, as this month’s Contractor Spotlight. Congratulations to Ric Secor and all his team.