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The Sauermann SI-CA Integration with measureQuick™

The Sauermann SI-CA 030 and SI-CA 130 combustion analyzers both integrate with the measureQuick™ app, which, as many of you may know, is testing and job-tracking software. The measureQuick app provides game-changing benefits regarding closing rates, increased revenue, and more.

If you already use measureQuick and have the SI-CA-030 or SI-CA-130 combustion test instrument, you need to update the Sauermann app and the analyzers themselves. While you’re at it, think about updating the measureQuick app. The latest version of the Sauermann app is 1.2.5 for the 030 and 1.1 for the 130.

The Sauermann SI-CA Integration with 

This integration is exciting news! Not only is a prominent tool manufacturer like Sauermann teamed up with one of the largest industry apps, but they also teamed with the entire HVAC industry.

Not only does the data that Measure Quick can capture from these analyzers benefit the contractor and consumer. It can also can potentially be used to combat poor law-making decisions or strengthen current laws. Can you imagine that you, the craftsmen, the guys and gals who truly care about the people you serve, are protected by laws and/or regulations created by facts, not rainbows and unicorns?

However, it’s important to remember that no tool nor app will ever replace the knowledge you gain or have. I am not fond of built-in diagnostics in anything. You should always use the knowledge in your noggins to diagnose everything you encounter. When you don’t know or can’t figure out the problem or diagnosis, seek to understand it first. Plenty of guys at National Comfort Institute (NCI) would love to help. All you need to do is ask.

I believe with your NCI combustion analysis knowledge, the Sauermann Analyzer, and the measureQuick™ software app all put in proper sequence together; you can knock analysis and closing rates out of the park year-round.

– Casey Contreras, instructor, National Comfort Institute