Bosch GLM50C Distance Meter

Bosch GLM50C Distance Meter and phone app

Have you ever had a job that had to stop because the physical dimensions of the space were not accounted for when designing a system?

The Bosch GLM50C Distance Meter is a laser distance measuring device with application-based support.

By using the GLM50C and a tablet or smartphone with Bosch’s GLM Measuring Master app, you can enter measurements directly into an image. The app is available at both the Google Store ( and the Apple App Store (

The laser distance measurement has a range of 165 feet at an accuracy of 1/16 of an inch. That range decreases outdoors in sunlight.

Functions in the device can calculate line-of-sight linear feet, square footage, and cubic feet. Other functions are available such as level and wall area.

There are a number of ways you can use this tool. For example, with it you can:

  • Do sheet metal ductwork takeoff and layout
  • Gather more accurate and clear data for system designers
  • Measure cubic feet for air changes per hour calculations
  • Measure distances for crane lifts
  • Calculate filter area
  • Calculate area for traverse calculations
  • Create installation location images for your installation crew
  • Reduce the need to revisit job sites to take additional measurements.

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‘ by Justin Bright, NCI Field Coach & Trainer