ComfortMaxx™ Updates and Improvements

National Comfort Institute’s ComfortMaxx™ cloud-based software has evolved greatly over the years. It’s faster, easier to use, and is included as part of any NCI membership. Here is an update of some of the changes that will improve your experience:

Cloud-Based #HVAC Software ComfortMaxx Update
  • Room and Register Setup — This is no longer required for starting a ComfortMaxx Verify™ test
  • Auto Plot Airflow — We’ve added the option to automatically plot fan airflow for applicable system type and blower combinations using NCI Generic Fan Performance Data
  • Auto Equipment-Rated Capacity Under Test Conditions — All you have to do is enter the Nominal Capacity and (optionally for more accuracy) the Equipment Rated Cooling Capacity at AHRI Conditions in the System tab. ComfortMaxx then uses ASHRAE Standard 221 compliant methods to accurately estimate expected capacity under your test conditions.
  • Preview Results — Before finalizing your test, hit Preview Results. This lets you view test results before finalizing your test and locking in the values. Preview Results also includes critical diagnostics to help validate the data you collected, and will provide Warning or Error messages if something doesn’t seem right.

Learn more about the ComfortMaxx update and how it can help your techs and your customers. Just call your Customer Care Rep at 800-633-7058.