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Ladies and Gents — as Summit 2022 draws closer we will continue updating you on the latest and greatest news. As a reminder, Summit is being held in the Spring of 2022 at the We-Ko-Pa Casino and Resort in Scottsdale AZ.

If you book your rooms now, you can get the NCI group rate of $189 per night. Just go to and get your rooms locked down for this amazing event.

This Time It’s Personal

This conference is open to the entire industry. Summit is a welcoming gathering of like-minded people who are open and willing to share with their fellow performance-based professionals.

In this update, we highlight a new breakout session approach for the 2022 conference. Each topic area will have three options. It’s personal in that you can design your own experience using the following:

  • Novice
  • Practitioner
  • Mastery.
An update on Summit 2022
See all the Summit 2022 Session descriptions at

For the relative newcomer to the High-Performance approach to contracting, we are offering a Novice class on how to Use AirMaxx Lite™ to Educate Your Customer.

In this class, NCI’s David Holt explains how a simple app can help customers understand static pressure and airflow.

So be sure to join David in this workshop on how to use AirMaxx Lite. This simple smart device app allows you to quickly calculate TESP and interpret approximate airflow at the equipment. It also provides a very simple visual way to get this information across to your customer.

There are 17 more such classes. Check them out at

Visit the Summit Week website at to reserve your seats for what is shaping up to be the best Summit ever.

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