SM480v Refrigerant Manifold and micron gauge

Fieldpiece has done it again, the new 480V refrigerant gauges have been infused with the attitude of Vin Diesel, the strength of Dwayne Johnson, and the beauty of Paul Walker.

The four-port 480v’s are built to withstand the abuse that everyday HVAC field work brings. These instruments have a sleeker design that keeps thermocouple jacks tucked out of the way. They include a third thermocouple jack to measure outdoor temperatures.

Fieldpiece upgraded the exterior of the gauges which are now both impact and water-resistant.

This new version comes with wired K-type temperature clamps but can also accept the wireless temperature clamps (JL3PC). Another addition is that the 480Vs can now receive a signal from the new single-wand psychrometers (JL3RH) and display the measurements on the screen.

By toggling down you can switch between dry bulb, wet bulb, relative humidity, and most importantly, enthalpy. Calculating target superheat and charging systems hasn’t been easier. These devices even communicate with the Fieldpiece refrigerant scale (SRS3).
The 480Vs still have the 3/8′ vacuum port and ?’ refrigerant port, along with a built-in micron gauge. In my opinion, the micron gauge is the best feature of the 480V manifold.

One of the newest and coolest add-ons is the ability to datalog a system’s operation for up to seven days continuously! The 480V has a built-in USB port so you can extract the data and view it on a laptop.

There is so much more the 480V will do to make your life easier. Check them out and decide for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

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‘ by Casey Contreras, NCI Field Coach