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Fieldpiece Wireless Refrigerant Scale

Fieldpiece Wireless Refrigerant Scale

I believe every business plans to make money and not give refrigerant away for free. With the constant increase in refrigerant costs, the question is are you charging your customers appropriately? If your technicians are not monitoring how much refrigerant they introduce into a system, how do you know if you made or lost money?

The Fieldpiece SRS3 Wireless Refrigerant Scale will enable you to charge customers the right price and track refrigerant usage correctly. Plus, it’s water-resistant, provides 200 hours of battery life, and is A2L compatible. It combines wireless electronics with a rugged design that is perfect for field work.

The SRS3 consists of a scale and a handheld meter that wirelessly communicates with the scale. The latter allows technicians to watch and document how much refrigerant they put into the system.

With a rugged and durable exterior, the SRS3 displays various measurements, including pounds, ounces, kilograms, and grams. I like the magnetized handheld meter because it allows for hands-free operation. I love that once you no longer need the scale, you can tuck handheld into it, and everything goes back into its carrying case for easy transportation.

This instrument requires six AA batteries to power the scale and a nine-volt battery for the handheld device.

Start using the SRS3 to obtain instant savings for your company and customers.

If you are interested in learning more about the Fieldpiece SRS3 Wireless Refrigerant Scale, just point your browser to ncilink.com/FPrefScale.

— by Casey Contreras, instructor, National Comfort Institute