AirMaxx™ Lite: Done in 30 Seconds

AirMaxx Lite is a High-Performance HVAC app you can grab from both the Google and Apple App stores.

Do you remember the movie Gone in 60 Seconds ( The star was a 1967 Ford Mustang GT500 that was named Eleanor. She had an 800+ horsepower engine with 700-pound weight reduction, a true unicorn among cars.

You may be wondering what a car has to do with the HVAC industry. It’s simply a reference to show you something faster and easier to use when testing and measuring systems that can also provide revenue possibilities.

AirMaxx Lite screen captures
Screen captures of the AirMaxx LiteApp

It is called AirMaxx™ Lite. This is an app that works on Apple and Android devices. Usually, when you measure total external static pressure, you must add two numbers together and then use a fan table to plot out fan airflow. That takes time.

But you can make it a lot easier because all you need with AirMaxx Lite is a couple of data points. The app will do the heavy lifting for you. It performs all the calculations to figure out Total External Static Pressure and, with its built-in fan tables, plots out the equipment fan airflow. It’s almost magical.

The app makes the results easy to explain to customers using colorful visual diagnostic gauges. These gauges help you see where any problems exist. By showing these graphics to the customer, they’ll understand what is going on. Nine times out of 10, your customers will want to make corrections, at which point you get to go Cha-Ching!

Learn more about AirMaxx Lite at both the Apple ( and Google ( app stores.

– By Casey Contreras, National Comfort Institute